The Italian band Eazy Quartet released “Snow
on October 2018 for the Music Center label.

6 original compositions,
Roberto Rossi 
as a guest and two peculiar arrangements,
one Enrico Pieranunzi’s tune and a videogame soundtrack

This is the debut album for the quartet that has Alessio Migliorati at the flute, Marco Punzi at the guitar, Francesco Marchetti at the double bass and Fabrizio Carriero at the drums. 
Snow is a classic debut album, it’s the result of the first 3 year of life of the quartet, from the mutual studies in college to the choice to have a band together and create a mutual sound. Listen to Snow it’s like getting lost in a magic wood with some strange characters: who’s Betty and the Alfa folks? Who or what is Alexander? What does Knoten means? And is truly the story happy ending? 
In Snow the listener could find contemporary jazz with rock/pop experiments, the unique sound of the flute, the acid sounds of the guitar and the astonishing technique of Roberto Rossi on the tricky chords in “Ballad for Bob”, tune written by Marco (guitarist) for him.

Eazy Quartet born for share a musical journey for play something that it’s not the normal jazz sound, stealing the approach from the pop/rock music for engage the audience and the musicians with fun, friendship and passion.
 Eazy Quartet is a peculiar line-up: the charming sound of the flute and the guitar, able to play sweet melodies as aggressive improvisation, they match with the double bass and the drums for good and peculiar balance.
 An Eazy Quartet concert is like a roller coaster experience between contemporary jazz, rock’s tune arrangement, lovely ballad, free improvisation and funny arrangements of video games soundtrack.
 The results is a coherent sound, that contain various influences in a peculiar artistic project that keep the music unpredictable.

Alessio Migliorati – Flute
Marco Punzi – Guitar
Francesco Marchetti – Double Bass
Fabrizio Carriero – Drums