The brainchild of Marco Punzi, Tommaso Uncini, Davide Cason, and Patrizio Balzarini, the “No One No More” project materialized in 2019 with a clear objective – to pool in their individual expertise in composition. Each musician was given the creative license to showcase their unique flair, resulting in a repertoire that is marked by eclectic influences. However, what sets this project apart is how the band’s sound has undergone a transformation – from the initial days of rehearsals, through recordings, and live performances, the group’s sound has evolved into a harmonious blend that reflects the myriad styles of its members. Drawing on their previous collaborations, the quartet has skillfully crafted a unified sound that is distinctive and nuanced.

“No One No More” – debut album:

No One No More’s debut album is a testament to their wide-ranging influences, drawing from a variety of jazz styles. The band’s live performances have always been an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary sounds, a theme that is reflected in the album’s track selection. The resulting sonic and aesthetic variety is a reflection of the unique blend of individual perspectives that make up the group. The decision to feature such a diverse range of tracks was influenced by the band’s experience on stage, where the multifaceted repertoire allowed them to connect with audiences on a deeper level. The idea caught the attention of Ipogeo Records, which will release the album in June 2023

Tommaso Uncini – Saxophones
Marco Punzi – Guitar
Davide Cason – Double Bass
Patrizio Balzarini – Drums


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